Saturday, January 14, 2012

The January 12th Book Run

After golf in the morning, I decided to go booking which I usually do on the motorcycle.  I was on the road by 11:00.  It was sunny, 75 and breezy.  First stop was the Goodwill on 41 near 776.  Here I only found a copy of Goldman's biography of John Lennon.  It was an f/f in very good to good condition which I purchased for Iner's rock biography collection.  I also stumbled on a few Verve jazz discs including some Monk, Morgan and Mingus and some Pendleton shirts.  Moving on to the Bee Ridge GW Bookstore, I found an f/f copy of Chabon's Wonder Boys in mint condition except for a previous owner signature.  This book was published by Villard Books and so the number line begins with a 2.  I decided to take a chance.  The next stop was the Honoree GW.  They have a good book section here and the books seem to move well.  I was excited to find a f/f 2004 copy of Dreams from my Father and f/fs of two cat mysteries by Carole Nelson Douglas with inscriptions from the author and Midnight Louie.  I then took Bee Ridge back to Sarasota and hit the discount Goodwill on 41 where I found a Franklin Mystery by Ellery Queen for a dollar.  Roaring down 41 in the late afternoon Florida sun, my final stop was the Venice GW Bookstore where I purchased a 2011 copy of The Horizontal Man by Eustis to add to my Best Mysteries collection.  I was home by 4:30 with a slight sunburn.

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